A Heroes' History of Modern Britain

A Heroes' History of Modern Britain


You can see WWII won and eat Angel Delight, but you have to listen to ‘When I’m cleaning windows’ (an experience – ask your Gran). Or you can race go-karts down the street and eat sweets ‘til you’re sick as rationing has ended – yippee! But it’s grey school shorts in winter and long woolly socks in summer. You can watch the moon landing on the telly and pretend you’re James Bond or Miss Moneypenny, but you have to attend the comp and wear bell bottoms. Or you can ride your Chopper bike and watch naughty kids’ tv like Grange Hill and Swap Shop, but you have to eat prawn cocktails and wear dodgy tank tops. You can play Pac-Man at the arcade and watch a royal wedding, but you have to have permed hair and your mobile will only fit in a suitcase. So, a trip back in time to when…?


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